TrailBlazer Staffing Solutions utilizes sophisticated technology tools to match the perfect candidate for the perfect job. With our extensive experience in recruiting and technology over the past 20 years, we have built a reputation of excellence in those respective industries. We will listen to what your career goals are, and we will get you there, by plane, train, your car, or maybe it's the hospital, LTACH, Clinic, Long Term Care Facility, or Surgery Center that is right around the corner. We care to get you there, and we are honest about the trail that we will need to Blaze to make that happen!

5-STAR Scorecards & Evaluations to help you Improve with each shift worked - (Its on your timesheet) – Easy Peezy right? We ask for additional Feedback in areas of Knowledge/Skill, Professionalism, Infection Control, Productivity, Documentation, and Safety. There are open comment areas provided as well. These steps not only help you to grow as a healthcare associate, they also open the door for great communication with our clients. Those relationships help your career, requests to return from client, and BOOST those Stars!

TrailBlazer Staffing Solutions employs the Best of the Best! And we can prove it! You Became a Nurse, Doctor, Therapist, or the fine HealthCare associate you decided to be, because you care about HealthCare, Right? Join the Team that gets you Feed Back on Every shift We are helping you become Better and Better by consistently continuing your education with (Yes we have Free CEU’s Too*), and so much more like:

We offer the Good Stuff!

  1. 401k options
  2. Medical, Dental Insurance Options
  3. Life & Disability Insurance Options
  4. Roth IRA Options
  5. Free CEU Classes *
  6. Specific Facility Training - for Each assignment
  7. Direct Deposit
  8. Travel Reimbursement
  9. Referral bonuses
  10. Competitive Salaries
  11. Free housing or Generous Housing Allowances
  12. Tax Advantage Plans

*Free CEU Classes are based upon an hours worked chart.

Earn a Referral Bonus!

TrailBlazer Staffing Solutions has a great bonus program!

Refer a colleague, and earn $200.00 after they’ve worked 200 hours.

Simply put your name as the contact, on the form below, and within the message area, put your colleague’s name and contact information, and why you think they are a great Fit for TrailBlazer Staffing Solutions!


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